tuoslogo_cmyk_medA pair of Peregrine Falcons nesting at the University of Sheffield has become Yorkshire’s first urban breeding pair, thanks to the concerted efforts of staff and volunteers from the University and the Sheffield Bird Study Group.

A nest platform was placed atop St George’s Church in early 2010. In 2012 it was finally confirmed that the pair of peregrines using the platform had bred successfully for the first time.

Phil Riley, Energy Manager in the University’s Department of Estates and Facilities Management, recently installed this webcam near the nest. The webcam not only acts as a security camera to ensure the nest is not tampered with, but will allow the University to make high quality images of these beautiful wild birds available to the public.

Peregrine Falcons have previously been an endangered species, but their population has steadily increased since the 1970s because of better legal protection and control of pesticides. The birds are usually found around the sea coast but have recently been seen in more built up areas. You can read the continuing story of the Sheffield Peregrine by visiting Sheffield Peregrine Blog and SBSG.

Sheffield Peregrines Blog write…

“Having had several reports over the last week of birds being seen together in the air over various parts of central Sheffield, I’ve been left wondering if they were the juveniles or the adults and one juv, or what was going on.  And distant views of up to three birds perched on St George’s as I’ve been in and out of work in the last week it felt as if one last visit to the church was worth a try to see if I could determine which of the birds were still around.”

Continue the story here

The Peregrine public talk, featuring David Wood, Jim Lonsdale and Phil Riley, has been made available to watch on the University of Sheffield’s iTunes U educational video channel.

To watch the video, visit this page and click the link to watch in iTunes. You will need iTunes installed to to view it, or the iTunes U app for iPad or iPhone.